Hire Solar Installation Gold Coast Company And Contribute Towards A Better World

With upraise of environmental hazards as a result of burning fossil fuels, the lives on this planet are on stake to collapse. On the other hand, the consumerism has increased the energy requirements overall. To cope up with both crucial scenarios the whole world has laid eyes on renewable energy sources. Among these hydropower, wind and solar sources, the solar energy source certainly has the most benefits. Solar Installation Gold Coast personnel approves of this fact that all the other sources are situation specific but the solar power provides energy all year round. Even though it is influenced by storms and clouds but they only limit the amount of energy produced.

Talking specifically of Australia, the nation has strongly approved solar energy. According to estimates in last two years, 12035 MW of solar power has been generated. This has made Australia among the top ten nations to produce maximum energy via solar means. The total stats of solar energy produced in 2013 were calculated to have reached up to 5.2% of total Australian electrical energy production and are still increasing rapidly. The dry climate has blessed this land in terms of solar energy. This is the main reason for increased number of Solar Installation Gold Coast hires.

The total credit to this humungous market for Solar Installation providers solely goes to the governmental policies which offers rebates to install solar panels on your business and homes.  According to the solar homes and communities’ program a rebate up to $8000 were offered in 2009. This encouraged the business and homeowners to go greener and cheaper in terms of electrical consumption. The solar leasing also compelled the people to have solar panels installed at their premises. The concept was simple as the solar providers will pay for the installing and future maintenance of these panels and the user will pay directly to the contracted company.

The shift towards solar has been encouraged for other factors as well. The top most is that it increases the property value.  A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money. A house equipped with solar panels will certainly cost less in the long run therefore people tend more towards buying such homes. Another benefit is it’s a safe investment. The Solar service providers approves of this fact that the investment made on solar will more likely to yield within 10 years with fixed energy costs.

As the solar panels do not include moving parts, they can assure warranties for 20-25 years. This is for the full performance of these panels. After this life span these panels will reduce production to 80% for the next 10-20 years. In total the solar panels will more or less serve you around 35-40 years. Moreover, for maintenance these machines are robust to dust, grime and pollen accumulations. According to the universal estimates explained, the solar panel loses less than 0.05% of its efficiency per day.