How Solar Energy Proves To Be A Good Choice Now And For The Future

The debate of going solar or depending on the grid is still active but doesn’t direct a discreet conclusion. It’s because the dominancy of solar means is very least at the current stage. It may become a most viable source of energy in the future but its value to money difference is minutely high relative to grid energy. This is the major reason why people do not adhere such a beneficial alternative. Even though with such small value differences the Solar installation services worked out to make Australia among the top solar power generating nations. This was obviously with the governmental support that people felt solar energy cheaper and better than being on-grid. Rebates and discount installation initiatives were taken throughout the country at numerous time intervals.

Choice of people in terms of energy consumption is more towards reliability and affordability. They don’t know that none of the existing energy production mediums are reliable and affordable. They just vary being renewables and non-renewables. Moreover, non-renewable energy generation is sustainable while the renewables are not. On the other hand, renewable sources of energy do not pose any damage to nature. To produce greener energy a record of 11.5 million solar panels have been installed in the previous years in Australia. This made an immense increment in the solar services business and it will proceed more as the technology advances.

Other reasons why rest of people didn’t shift to solar are as follows:



The utilization of solar energy is not suiting our lifestyle. We all need energy more at night in our residences but the sun is long set till then. Storage battery systems are also not in our affordability range for their capacity to size values. This makes local residence stay with the gird and bear the financial burden. The other way around is do not completely go off-grid. In the future we may be able to tackle the storage situation but at present a lot of this potential is getting wasted while for its inaccurate utilization.


Generated Power:

The shift towards solar panels can be seen by their increased efficiency from 19’s till now. A 39-inch-wide and 65 inches long solar panel at present can generate 320 watts, and is 18.7% efficient at to grid energy. The previous stats showed 6% efficiency with 20 watts of power generated from a similar sized plate. The smaller competence value still has to go much higher to attract people worldwide.



You cannot match the reliability of something old with something that has just been created. The long history of non-renewable energy generation methods certainly compliments their higher reliability. The solar on the other hand has just been developed recently as an alternative. The long-term benefits do suggest that shift to solar is inevitable but it will happen only with time.